Burmese Military fight SSPP/SSA

The battle occurred yesterday 1 furlong away from the south of Wan Loi Kor village and 8 furlongs north of Wan Pa Swan village and lasted 11:30 am to 13:40 pm. It had happened when the Burmese troops from LBI (247) marched to Wan Warb village and encamped there.

Later on, Burmese LBI (247) continued to Wan Pa Swan where it was near the at SSPP battalion’s territory. They had trespassed on SSPP’s area nearer on June 26, and at that time they were waiting for reinforcement from LBI (246) – which was also encamped near Wan Warb village.

Then, SSPP was encircled and fired at fiercely with MA-7, 60 mm and machine‑gun and they also fought back strongly till dawn.

The fighting also happened when the both sides of the troop met in the forest near Wan Pa Swan, and it caused 8 Burmese soldiers dead and one from SSPP has been hurt on June 27.

SSPP/SSA deescalated the fight today, according to the headquarters’ order and in order stop expansion in the area.


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