Government army attack ethnic armies intensively

On 21 September 2015 morning at 08:40 am, 40 troops from government infantry 516 based in Namhsam Township, led by major Ar Gar, fought with RCSS/SSA (Restoration Council of the Shan State / Southern – Shan State Army) between two villages (Gon moung and Loi Ngern), in Namhsam Township, about 10 minutes, one troop of government died in the battle instantly and one troop got a lot of injuries.

On that day evening at 15:30 pm, major Min Tun (Win Tun) with a force of 30 troops of government infantry 510 based in Taunggyi Township clashed with RCSS/SSA in the forest of Lok Zort Township and one corporal of government died in the battle and troops of RCSS/SSA were safety.

On 22 September, Mong Pon Township based government infantry 517 attacked RCSS/SSA firstly and the battle had happened between them near Gon Dan village, 4 kilometers from the town. A troop of government died in the battle and they still searched for RCSS/SSA too.

From last week of August to September 22, 2015, there were 10 battles that happened between RCSS/SSA and government army.

The local said “before the battle develop, the government army ordered to collect 5 militiamen from one block and send to them last 20 September, and we already sent to them.”

On the other hand, last 19-21 September, 2015, there were combats between government army and TNLA (Ta’ang Nationalities Liberation Army) in 3 Townships (Mon Don Township, Kyawkme Township and Mong Mit Township) in the Northern Shan State.


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