Burmese Soldiers gang-rape and kill a housewife

Nang Kheik - a housewife aged 28 and an Ethnic Shan woman, native of Wa Nar Taung village, Murng Lang area, Hopong Township, was raped by three Burmese soldiers from LIB-249 based in Pha Lai area, southern Shan State.

Kyaw Htet, first lieutenant of that battalion and his fellows, went to the village at 16:30 pm on June 6 and started to pull Nang Kheik to the bushes behind a big jack fruit tree in an abandoned old village, and then committed group raping.

At that time, there were three girls of climbing a mango tree ready to pick those fruits nearby, heard a loud horrifying voice shouting for help.

Having heard the voice, those girls (also a native of Wan Nar Taung village), secretly followed the sound and found that three men wearing green uniforms were torturing their acquainted woman, they then rushed to call her husband and brother for help, but it was too little too late to save her.

She was killed and left naked after raping, with the wounds beaten with a thick-stick at the back of her neck and stomach, and also the beating to her face made the lower front tooth slopped to inside.

She was not only rape but they also took her earing by cutting both sides of her ear lobes, together with her watch and 105,000 kyats of money.

By the time Nang Kheik’s relatives reached the crime scene, it was almost 17:00 pm without any murderers there, except her gruesome liveless-body, Shan traditional bamboo hat and underware.

The reason why Sai Gar Vee, age 38, the husband of the victim, could not save her was that he had a job maintaining turbine that provided electricity for the village, converting from a stream water, at the village monastery, 35.567 meters away from the incident, and he could not be there in time even though those three girls ran as fast as they could for the help.

With a request of Sai Gar Vee, officers, village head and elders interrogated Kyaw Htet for that crime on June 7, but he didn’t admit and kept refusing and stayed stubborn.

To do justice and punish the criminals, officer called Major Wai Yan Nyein Thurain (commander of column-2 of the same battalion from Murngpeaeng Township) made further investigation. Khay Htet then finally confessed the crime with his fellows.

However, Kyaw Htet’s comrades stayed anonymous and ensuredthe victim relatives and villagers that they were really from the LIB-249.

Nang Kheik was a daughter of Lung Wah Ling and Pa Nay, age 28 and the wife of Sai Gar Vee age 36, and all are native of Wan Nar Taung. 










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