Tea farmers had to supply money for a tax

On 5 Jan 2018, Parn Harnk village headman who was the member of TNLA named Aik Tun led 4 men with him went to tell tea farmers in Mungvill village for supply money to TNLA, also told them 7 Jan was the due date to supplying the money.

Last 2012 while Chinese people came to measuring the land for their gas pipeline Aik Tun also said that farms were his belonging. But Myanmar government has come to measure it and the farms fell into the hand of the real owner.

"During TNLA move around in our region these days, Aik Tun tries to occupy the farms again, said by one local."

Aik Tun did a township affair for TNLA in Mungvill bloc Nam Kham Township, Northern Shan State.





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